Here is some examples of braille tables which comes with brltty . The table text.da-1252.tbl is designed by Svend Thougaard from Refsnæsskolen. It is designed for use with Windows code page ANSI-1252. 1252 is not very good for use with Linux as the codepage ISO-8859-1 is the one which is used mostly. In text.da-1252.tbl some of the control characters like ^A to ^Z has been assigned with very unlogical dot patterns. Normally a blind would expect a ^X to be an X with dot-8 turned on.

If you do not how braille is defined you should read about braille .

Hans Schou has designed text.da.tbl which has the control dot patterns the expected way. Other characters like !%() are assigned as they are used with the LogText braille display. All possible patterns are then designed as in text.da-1252.tbl . Further description can be found in README.DA .

This web-application shows the dot patterns in graphics and is then only usefull for seighted people. Below is a list of tables in text mode which can be used by blind people:

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