Linux on Toshiba satellite 1620CDS/1640CDT (laptop)

(and perhaps 1605CDS and 1625CDT)

This page should give som hints on installing linux on a Toshiba Satellite 1620CDS. The 1640CDT has a more expensive TFT screen and 6GB harddisk, but the rest of the hardware is the same.

The Toshiba Satellite 1620CDS has the following hardware (at least currently, maybe newer versions have different CPU and/or RAM):

Linux distributions:

Some other notes:

top top

top APM / suspend / standby

PHDISK.EXE and Phoenix Bios tips:

top Using IDE-DMA for diskdrives and cdrom:

If you are using the standard SuSE 6.4 kernel , or another kernel with DMA disabled as default:

Error with Toshiba1620/1640, Windows98se2 and infrared/IRMON :

Connecting an Ericsson SH888 with a special serial cabel requires using the IR-drivers. This does not work with the toshiba notebook and the supplied windows installation.

Toshiba1620/1640, Linux-IRDA and infrared over serial cable with Ericson SH888: