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a re-editorial to SVLUG by Peter Toft, Chairman of Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group (SSLUG)

January 30. 1999

During the last year Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group (SSLUG) has grown more than 1000%. Currently (end of January 99) we are 2200 ordinary members.
The well known Linux User group SVLUG (Silicon Valley Linux User Group) has recently posted an editorial, written by Ian Kluft. Its basis is very wrong, hence it seems that I need to reply.
Apparently Ian has not consulted our LUG, the board of SSLUG, or me regarding this matter. Unfortunally the editorial has several misunderstandings or errors. Later I will take up the more general matters of the editorial.

My 2¢ opinion about the "editorial"

We should NOT use our time to start flame wars - still we have mountains to climb, before Open Source wins it's final victory (but we are getting there).

Let's stop this and get back to work.

It can be noted that Ian Kluft later dropped his editorial - and posted this new editorial. The new one still contains some errors - but is much more mild. Now we stop this!

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